I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1967, to Leon and Harriet Reiter. I married Carolann Charen (now Carolann Charen Reiter) on May 30, 1999; here’s a wedding picture. I have two children,Noah Charen Reiter, born in 2002, and Zev Franklin Reiter, born in 2005. Here are the two boys just after Zev was born. Noah photos include a July 4, 2003 picture, a Halloween 2003 picture, a Chanukah 2003 picture, an April 2004 picture from his second birthday party, and an August 2004 picture from a family vacation at Stinson Beach, California. Here is a picture of Zev at about 2 months. Here is a picture from their double birthday party in May 2008, when Zev turned 3 and Noah turned 6. Here is a picture of Noah at his 8th birthday party in April 2010.

My older brother, Ehud, is married to Ann. They are the parents of Miriam, Moshe, and Naomi. My younger brother, David, is married to Alissa. They are the parents of Sam and Eve.

I graduated with a B.A. in political science from Northwestern University in 1989. I received my Ph.D. in political science from the University of Michigan in 1994. After a post-doctoral fellowship at the John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at Harvard University, I began teaching at Emory University in 1995, where I remain today.

I enjoy rock climbing, though I haven’t done much climbing since becoming a parent. Here are some old climbing photos:

This is a photo of me climbing Razorworm (5.9), located at Tennessee Wall near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

This is a photo of Petit Grepon (5.8 III), located in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, Colorado. I climbed it in 1998 with Jason Bremner; here’s a photo of us (I’m on the right) soon after summitting.

I hope eventually to ascend to the highest point in each of the fifty states. So far, I’ve bagged 47 including:

California, 2001 (el. 14,494 ft.)
Colorado, 2009 (el. 14,433 ft.)
Washington, 2012 (el. 14,409 ft.)
Hawaii, 2005 (el. 13,796 ft.)
Utah, 2011 (el. 13,528)
New Mexico, 2009 (el. 13,161 ft.)
Nevada, 2001 (el. 13,143 ft.)
Montana, 2016 (el. 12,799)
Idaho, 2013 (el. 12,667 ft.)
Arizona, 2007 (el. 12,633 ft.)
Texas, 2010 (el. 8,749 ft.)
South Dakota, 2008 (el. 7,242 ft.)
North Carolina (el. 6,684 ft.)
Tennessee (el. 6,643 ft.)
New Hampshire, 1995 (el. 6,288 ft.)
Virginia, 2001 (el. 5,729 ft.)
New York (el. 5,344 ft.)
Maine, 2004 (el. 5,268 ft.)
Nebraska, 2008 (el. 5,242 ft.)
Oklahoma, 2018 (el. 4,973 ft.)
West Virginia (el. 4,863 ft.)
Georgia (el. 4,784 ft.)
Vermont, 1997 (el. 4,393 ft.)
Kentucky, 2001 (el. 4,145 ft.)
Kansas, 1998 (el. 4,039 ft.)
South Carolina (el. 3,560 ft.)
North Dakota, 2008 (el. 3,506 ft.)
Massachussetts, 2000 (el. 3,491 ft.)
Maryland, 2004 (el. 3,360 ft.)
Pennsylvania, 2004 (el. 3,213 ft.)
Arkansas, 2015 (el. 2,753)
Alabama (el. 2,407 ft.)
Connecticut, 2001 (el. 2,380 ft.)
Minnesota, 2019 (el. 2301 ft.)
Michigan, 2013 (el. 1,979 ft.)
Wisconsin, 2001 (el. 1,951 ft.)
New Jersey, 2000 (el. 1,803 ft.)
Missouri, 2015 (el. 1,772 ft.)
Iowa, 2005 (el. 1670 ft.)
Ohio, 2002 (el. 1,550 ft.)
Indiana, 2002 (el. 1,257 ft.)
Illinois, 2003 (el. 1,235 ft.)
Rhode Island (el. 812 ft.)
Mississippi, 2001 (el. 806 ft.)
Louisiana, 2002 (el. 535 ft.)
Delaware (el. 448 ft.)
Florida, 2001 (el. 345 ft.)


District of Columbia, 2005 (el. 410 ft.)
St. Martin, 1999 (el. 1378 ft.)

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